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Online shopping


Today, online Commerce has been widely developed. Thus, the system SABRE (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment) makes air travel more accessible to ordinary passengers, helping them to navigate the fares and flights, the number of which is constantly growing. The use of the world wide web can be substantially simplified, and out of the warehouse various files it turned into quite a structured space, you can work with it without problems. The need for electronic media was replenished as soon as it arose. After selecting the product, the user can do directly from the Internet ordering buying it, which indicates the form of payment, time and place of delivery and so on. We can say that Internet Commerce is a separate kind of transaction of sale and purchase, the functionality of which is based on the use of new technologies, and, therefore, requires new solutions. In 1960 American American Airlines and IBM begin to create automation procedures for reservation of seats for flights. Internet Commerce is a activity on the Internet, based on the profit during the implementation of the sale and purchase of products or services, during which a cycle of financial or commercial transactions carried out using Internet technologies. It sells a variety of quality products, from hair clips to chic dresses. An example of a B2B transaction is the sale of website templates to companies for later use as the basis design of your own web resource of the company. The buyer in the online store has the opportunity to get acquainted with the product (technical characteristics, appearance of product, and so on), as well as its price. In each case, the seller will choose the more convenient option individually, because, for example, if Internet Commerce is regional sales, there is no need to use WebMoney, in this case it will be enough regular transfers to a Bank account. Today, online Commerce has been widely developed. If the implementation of the project from the first stage will be to engage professionals to achieve success will be easy, because you have created all the conditions for acceptance of offers by potential buyers. The buyer transfers any given amount of conventional money in the Bank, and in return receives a certain amount of digital money that exists only in electronic form and stored in a "wallet" (using special software) on the computer buyer. It is about the interaction of businessmen and consumers to government. This website provides all the necessary information about the firm and contact details and the details of that gives the opportunity of communication with competent staff. The need for electronic media was replenished as soon as it arose. Once the seller has found a new niche for selling your own products, in the Internet there are various commercial areas, which essentially boils down to one thing: the implementation of selling products or services to the buyer. Under the far in most European capitals — London (England), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Rome, Milan (Italy), etc.

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